Pimp My Vault

Sister app to the popular Fallout series of games that lets you customize your vault


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  • Category Personal
  • Program license Free
  • Version 1.21
  • Size 2 MB
  • Works under: Android
  • Program available in English
  • Content rating Teen
  • Package name com.emilio.pimpvault
  • Program by Emilio Manzano

Pimp My Vault allows you to change the core variables of the popular mobile game Fallout Shelter. While Fallout Shelter is a surprisingly fun addition to the popular post-apocalyptic roleplaying series, it's also a distinct change of pace from the traditional games Bethesda creates. Instead of sending you out into the wastelands to fight off monsters and help build a new society, Fallout Shelter tasks you with the management that goes into running your own fallout shelter. This management sim requires juggling a lot of different variables to make sure that your people are happy and productive members of your insular society, but it also brings with it many of the frustrations that come from mobile gaming. That's where Pimp My Vault comes in.

You can think of Pimp My Vault as essentially a way to play Fallout Shelter in god mode. It's a pretty worthwhile utility in that respect. Pimp My Vault captures the tone, style, and humor of Fallout well, but players will spend a significant amount of time waiting for their resources to build up or their vault dwellers to train themselves in new skills. The idle management aspect can be incredibly frustrating, but Pimp My Vault speeds that up astronomically. You can alter just about any variable in the game as much as you want. All of the critical resources of water, Nuka-Cola, food, and energy can be adjusted to whatever number you want. Stim packs and Rad-away can similarly be created out of nothing, making it easier to keep your vault from falling apart when you've been infested by radroaches or assaulted by raiders.

While these resources are important for the ongoing health of your shelter, your dwellers are perhaps the most critical resource of all. Pimp My Vault can help with that as well. A set of sliders allow you to just all the core statistics of each of your dwellers. These include their S.P.E.C.I.A.L. ratings, which typically require an extensive amount of training to adjust. You can also use the built in sliders to adjust their level, health, and radiation amount. This means you can either create superhuman dwellers from scratch and grind easily through the challenges that face you or adjust their parameters on the fly when the worst happens. You can also change their name or gender and adjust their happiness.

The interface for Pimp My Vault is simple to understand and makes use of the same aesthetics as the core game. Support for three different save states gives you a lot of flexibility to experiment with the core components of the game. Despite being produced by a single developer, Pimp My Vault receives regular updates, and you can expect to see more features added over time.


  • Offers a thoroughly comprehensive number of variables to control
  • Adjustments are controlled through a very simple and comprehensible interface


  • Not officially supported by the Fallout Shelter developer
  • Requires some technical knowledge to properly use

- Fix for devices that couldn't find the savegame data file (specially Samsung).

- Added possibility to change pregnancy of female dwellers.

- Added skin, hair and outfit color picker (is failing sometimes but i'm working on it.

- Something about new cola :P.

Sorry for the few updates I'm very busy, the next release will be adding weapons, outfits and something else to the inventory, a lot of people asked for it :D

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  • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Allows an application to write to external storage.

Other permissions

  • ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: Allows applications to access information about networks.
  • INTERNET: Allows applications to open network sockets.
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